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      Welcome to everyone who has joined the community so far, The site has not long been created and will be undergoing major changes and improvements. These changes will be made slowly to begin with as i have a few personal issues to attend to first so please bare with me.   Stay tuned more updates to follow.    Many Thanks  Jokerz
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Hello to all,
Some of you may know that I've been working on developing an app / tool(it will load up in any browser window) with help from my brother that shows my roulette game play, it suggests numbers to bet on and calculates balance, profit / loss, spins, wins, losses, time played etc.

Prior to releasing the link I'm recording a £100 to £1000 in 15 days or less using the app / tool.

You can track my progress over at www.groundiskey.co.uk

Day 1 of 15



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PLEASE NOTE: I didn't stick to the game plan on "Day 10" and lost.
I was aiming for 15 days or less and took too many risks.

(I will try this again soon, with a game plan and without a time limit).
I managed to hit a total of 8 targets achieving £193.50 profit in 10 days.

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Posted (edited)

Tomorrow 10th June 2019 my roulette utility will have been live for 1 month. I'll be taking the link down tomorrow to do more work on it. The roulette utility will be available again soon to use for free to those that complete the form of which I'll add tomorrow.

Here's the video of my final stream showing my roulette utility in action. I played a total of 5 tables and had 10 spins on each table, the aim was to show that it's possible to make profit.


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Today I started a PROFIT and STOP! series on twitch.
Live dealer roulette.
Starting with a balance of £100
I bet 50p per number covering a total of 9 numbers (£4.50 per spin), and STOP! once I achieve any amount of profit.
I’ll live stream up to 3 times per day (Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday).
I’ll be totaling up the daily profits live on stream, I play for a total of 8 days then start over.

Here’s this mornings stream.

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