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      Welcome to everyone who has joined the community so far, The site has not long been created and will be undergoing major changes and improvements. These changes will be made slowly to begin with as i have a few personal issues to attend to first so please bare with me.   Stay tuned more updates to follow.    Many Thanks  Jokerz

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  1. Hello to all, Some of you may know that I've been working on developing an app / tool(it will load up in any browser window) with help from my brother that shows my roulette game play, it suggests numbers to bet on and calculates balance, profit / loss, spins, wins, losses, time played etc. Prior to releasing the link I'm recording a £100 to £1000 in 15 days or less using the app / tool. You can track my progress over at www.groundiskey.co.uk Day 1 of 15
  2. Calling all forum members, I'm currently gathering together a bit of market research, if you can spare less than 1 minute to tick a box and then click submit that would be great, I've created a form on the following website: www.groundiskey.co.uk
  3. This is a brief account of how I make money playing roulette on a regular basis. How I make money playing roulette.
  4. Hello to all, Does anybody have any short-term roulette strategies. I tend to jump on a live online casino table and play for about 10-15 mins max then come off. Whenever I bet, most of the time I'll use the racetrack option and + three numbers either side of the number I select covering a total of seven, plus the Zero. I make my selection by looking at the last number out and pretty much bet on the number directly opposite. If that number doesn't hit the first try then I'll re-bet the same amount on that same number for a maximum of three spins. I don't bet every spin, sometimes if I see a run of reds or black for example 4 or more then I'll bet on the opposite colour including Zero. This work well for me.

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