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      Welcome to everyone who has joined the community so far, The site has not long been created and will be undergoing major changes and improvements. These changes will be made slowly to begin with as i have a few personal issues to attend to first so please bare with me.   Stay tuned more updates to follow.    Many Thanks  Jokerz


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  1. U.K. player here

    Hello there I have quit gambling for over a year or so now. But when I did play my two favourite casinos was bet victor and Leo Vegas both was very quick to pay had great roulette and slots ! I fully reccomend them both. For football betting in the uk William hill is the best hands down. Just thought I would share my views on the casinos I used :)
  2. Hello everyone !

    Hello everyone ! My name is drunk dan ! I am from essex and love watching the videos from chipmunk ! Hes by far my favourite YouTuber and he’s the most genuine in my eyes ! I love the fact he shows his daughter and son in the videos sometimes too ! Great family feel ! And very responsible gambling which is good to teach. Anyway keep up up the good work and thank you for all your videos ! And I still wanna mention what a great thing you did when you had that big win and gave some to gregg your video editor ! Just shows us all even more what a great guy you are ! Gooooooooood one !!! Much love drunk dan uk
  3. Christmas Giveaway

    Merry Christmas and I hope the goood ones keep coming strong 😛 I hope everyone has a good Christmas ! Goooooood oneee
  4. Welcome to The Best Casino's. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

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