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      Welcome to everyone who has joined the community so far, The site has not long been created and will be undergoing major changes and improvements. These changes will be made slowly to begin with as i have a few personal issues to attend to first so please bare with me.   Stay tuned more updates to follow.    Many Thanks  Jokerz


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    I'm in
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    I'm in
  3. Dazza G latest video

    I think this is just the casinos covering themselves i.e. YOU'VE BEEN TOLD! So they can and will cut affiliates off without fear of breaching contract.
  4. Temple Treasure Utter Shite

    Never playing this again. 1920+ spins, £250 in - 0 out, no bonuses.
  5. Temple Treasure Utter Shite

    Crashed again after another 550'ish spins, up to 1500+ spins now with no bonus. I am only on 40p and it's lasting a long time but ffs
  6. Temple Treasure Utter Shite

    Another 320 spins, no bonus, just crashed again. I'll keep trying, if I was wagering, it would be good but I want a friggin bonus.
  7. Temple Treasure Utter Shite

    560 spins on this shit, 2 teases and then it crashed. Reloaded the game, another 100 spins for fk all. Bought a 40p bonus with my remaining balance -£40 and it paid £3.20 Is it just me??
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    Merry Christmas Chip!
  9. Welcome to The Best Casino's. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

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