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      Welcome to everyone who has joined the community so far, The site has not long been created and will be undergoing major changes and improvements. These changes will be made slowly to begin with as i have a few personal issues to attend to first so please bare with me.   Stay tuned more updates to follow.    Many Thanks  Jokerz

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  1. October Giveaway Free to enter

    im in
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    im in GL all
  3. August Giveaway

    im in
  4. August Giveaway

    im in
  5. July Giveaway Now Live

    im in
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    account made
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  8. New giveaway to run for 4 weeks

  9. The most I won in 1 spin

    Nice hit Bobby
  10. Twitch channel

    https://www.twitch.tv/jamesgrubb1981 Hi guys im very new to twitch i stream fifa and fortnite would love to see some of you guys in there
  11. My Youtube Channel

    https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgfW1Kp8UGiz1jOwgFlYQSA?view_as=subscriber This is fifa-factor's channel im aiming for 1k subs asap i stream fifa and fortnite would love ur help guys to reach my target many thanks hope to see you in one of my streams
  12. £25 giveaway on stream today

  13. £25 giveaway on stream today

    Dont gamble
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    Dont gamble

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